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Envirosite Responds to Harvey Disaster with Free Environmental Data

Posted by Mark Cerino September 7, 2017

Free Environmental Data for the Hurrican Harvey Impacted Beaumont and Port Arthur Texas Areas

Hurricane Harvey has had not only a devastating economic impact on South Texas, it has had a massive environmental one as well. According to the, the EPA will "need to inspect 13 toxic Superfund sites that were damaged by the storm and floodwaters have inundated at least five of the sites near Houston." Also, among Hurricane Harvey’s devastating effects were environmental accidents. For example, a chemical plant lost power, leading to a massive fire and releasing pollutants into the environment.

During this catastrophic event, Envirosite called together our team to produce a series of maps, based on our accurate government record database and geospatial information. These maps can be used by government and city officials, as well as environmental professionals working in the recovery efforts. We have produced 3 maps encompassing the areas hardest impacted by the hurricane and flood waters. The second map the in series depicts Beaumont and Port Arthur areas. Users can zoom in to view the following information:

  • Flood Zones 100yr/500yr
  • Contaminated Sites
  • Regulated Sites

Download the Beaumont and Port Arthur map 


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