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Envirosite Addresses Numerous Areas Impacted by Hurricane Harvey

Posted by Mark Cerino September 7, 2017

Free Environmental Data for Hurricane Harvey Impacted Areas - Baytown to Texas City

The impact of Hurrican Harvey spans far and wide. According to the Washington Post, "Harvey released over a million pounds of extra air pollutants across the Texas Gulf Coast." When a catastrophic event such as this occurs the Envirosite team strives to provide as much environmental data coverage as possible. In this case, we have provided data across South Texas, with a series of three maps. This is the third map in our series of environmental data to aid in the recovery efforts in the Baytown to Texas City areas.

Users can zoom in to view the following information:

  • Flood Zones 100yr/500yr
  • Contaminated Sites
  • Regulated Sites

Download the Baytown to Texas City map

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